Fall Photography Fundraiser at the Farm

Thank you to all who participated in the Ayres/Knuth Farm house window restoration fundraiser. Forty-four windows were professionally restored in the historic farmhouse with a matching grant.These individual plaques hang in the farmhouse.

Ann & Nick Acquaviva

Michael & Marie Allgaier

Sandy Avella
Richard Strand

Boyd Bennington

Charles & Jeanette Botti

Barbara Brendler

Donald & Judy Casse

Coldwell Banker
Mountain Lakes

Given in Memory of
David & Sabina [Ayres] Cooper
By George Coulthard

Fred & Fran Dempsey

Darryl & Anothony Digiovanna

In Memory of Bob Hardin
By Sidney & Dorothy Dillion

Richard & Karen D’Orazio

Claire & Mike Healey

Alan & Susan Filauro
Andrew, Elaina, & Alex

Ruth Johnson

Thomas Kessler

John & Joann Killmeyer

Andrew J. Knuth

Martin C. Knuth

Christopher C. Knuth

Eric J. Knuth

Joshua Knuth

Matthew Knuth

Brittany Knuth

Thomas Jordan
& John Lose

In Honor of Ed Lynch
A Loving & Wonderful Father
& Grandfather, 2001

To My Beautiful Grandchildren
Keep Laughing
Love, Your Grandpa Lynch

Mrs. Florence Riker’s
2nd Grade Class of 2000
Lakeview School

Rich Dwiaick

Robert C. Hardin Family

Carol K. Hardin

Ruth Hardin

Jeff & Christine Hardin
Jack & Madeline

Allan & Patricia McCarthy

Sande & Allen Miles

Hank & Elanie Muller

Virginia Knuth Murray

Bill Murray

Steven & Susan

Bob & Bunny Riker

Derek, Dylan
& Chandler Riker

Kevin & Melissa Riker

Len & Amy Riker

Marc T. Riker

Keith & Sandy Robinson

Sherriff Ed Rochford

Jerry & Jan Russo

May all who look through this window always have clear vision.
-Pat Santoro

Robert & Sue Schmidt

Laura, Erik, & Peter Schmidt

Kevin & Kathleen Scollans

Howard & Julie Smolin

Carol Spencer

Howard & Betty Squire

Kyle & Carolyn Tibbetts

Vincent & Leslie Tuzzio

Barbara Westergaard

Rick Zeckendorf

Tom & Suzann Zoltner