Charter Members

Incorporated July 13, 1998 State of New Jersey

“…activities which focus on the protection and enhancement of the historical, agricultural, and environmental aspects …toward preservation…”

Virginia Knuth Murray

Martin Knuth
For my grandfather, VKM

Ana Knuth
For my grandmother, VKM

Hattie Knuth
For my aunt, VKM

Frank Knuth
For my uncle, VKM

Susan Knuth
For my aunt, VKM

Robert J. Murray, III
For my son, VKM

Mark C. Murray,
For my son, VKM

Paul E. Murray
For my son, VKM

Peter T. Murray
For my son, VKM

In Memory of
Robert Hardin

Claire & Michael Healey

Robert and Sue Schmidt
Laura, Erik, Peter

The Zeckendorf Family

The Killmeyer Family

Megan and Randy Johnson

Tony and Judy Novellino

Jeff and Sharon O’Hara

Bob and Carol Hardin

Ruth Johnson Hardin

William Hardin

Robert & Sharon Hardin

Jeff & Christine Hardin

Coldwell Banker
Mountain Lakes

Hank and Elaine Muller

Betty and Howard Squire
Leeann, Clayton & Laura

Bill Murray

Alan & Patricia McCarthy

Sandy Avella
Richard Strand

The Miles Family
Sandra, Allen, Barr, Rob

Carol A. Spencer
Mayor 1996-2000

Alan and Susan Filauro
and Family

Sandy and Keith Robinson
and Family

Robert & Florence Riker
Bob and Bunny

Patricia M. Santoro

Fred Dempsey and Family

The Smolin Family

Howard, Julie, Jessie

The Acquaviva Family

Kyle and Carolyn Tibbets
Samantha & Kyle

Mike and Marie Allgaer

Susan & Steve Pelletiere
Stephen M. & Matthew

Thomas & Susan Zoltner

Thomas & Jacqueline
& Zackary Kessler

Kevin & Kathleen Scollans

Barbara Brendler

Thomas Jordan
John J. Lose

Boyd Bennington

The Tuzzio Family

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