Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund Grants

2003 $9,314 award Historic Preservation Plan Ayres Farmhouse
2004 $89,292 award Exterior restoration farmhouse
2005 $56,181 award Exterior restoration farmhouse
2006 $107,006 award Archeological Site Master Plan
2009 $40,009 award Interior systems
2015 $20,800 award Construction documents for farmhouse
2016 $75,000 award Interior restoration farmhouse
2016 $51,600 award Master Plan of historic site
2017 $149,040 award Interior restoration farmhouse
2018 $22,200 award Preparation of Construction Documents

Morris County Heritage Commission Grant

2003* Copier/communication project
2004* Archeological education project
2018 Historic Preservation Planning Documents


Starbucks Trail grant

2004 $5,000 award archeological education program


Arizona Family Foundation

$25,000 award
$10,000 award


The 1772 Foundation Grant

2015 $15,000 award gutters, roof, chimney … exterior farmhouse restoration

Donate to the Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation

All donations of money and materials are tax deductible under the private, non profit status provisions of US IRS code 501(3) and are used in their entirety for the Ayres/Knuth Farm, Denville, New Jersey.