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Donate to The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation

The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation is a single purpose non profit. All of its grants and donations and fundraising goes to one specific objective, The Ayres/Knuth Farm- restoration of the buildings, archeology, education, community involvement, historic preservation, documentation and research.

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Membership funds are applied to ‘matching grant’ awards. Membership funds provide seed money for other fundraisers and educational programs.

Volunteer for The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation

Volunteers play a vital role in everything we accomplish at The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation. Are you interested in volunteering your time or services? The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation provides an amazing opportunity!

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Your money goes towards the Ayres/Knuth Foundation and the preservation of the Ayres/Knuth Farm.

Visit The Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation Annual Christmas Tree Sale

The Holiday Christmas Tree Sale is the main avenue of fundraising for the Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation.

Donate to the Ayres/Knuth Farm Foundation

All donations of money and materials are tax deductible under the private, non profit status provisions of US IRS code 501(3) and are used in their entirety for the Ayres/Knuth Farm, Denville, New Jersey.